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The Wild Life of the Western Isles 

The West Coast of Scotland abounds in a wide variety of plants and creatures; the damp, boggy ground is home to orchids and a host of insect life, while the more exposed beaches are home to the delicate, windswept machir and carpets of vetches and clovers.


At sea we have Gannets, Shearwaters, Storm Petrels, while in the more sheltered waters there are Divers, Grebes and Shoreline Waders to delight the eye and ear.

On the hills and crags Eagles and Peregrine hunt, while Skylarks and Pipits display, Pied and Yellow Wagtails forage along the burns with Dippers and Otters for company. 

The hills are home to our largest land mammals - Red Deer - while the coast is home to Grey and Common Seals. The Sea of The Hebrides and waters around Mull are rich in marine mammals from the small and shy Harbour Porpoise to the more gregarious White Sided Dolphin and the Minke Whale.

One of the most special visitors to the west coast has to be one of the world’s biggest fish, the Basking Shark, which feeds on some of the smallest marine organisms of our coast each summer. 


Mischief Expeditions is participating in sightings recording for cetaceans and Basking Sharks and ask all our guests to assist in this.

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Mischief at Eastcumberland Bay. Photo Dave Wheeler.